2 Days and 2 nights – Wadi Rum Tour

The description:

The route of the Jeep Tour and Camel Trek Combo is as follows:

  • ¬†camel trek and overnight camping.
  • Jeep tour, short hike and overnight at the campsite.
  • ¬†departure

Day 1:
You will be introduced to your guide and your camel, and your guide will show you how to ride your camel and drive it comfortably in the desert, to the following sites:

Lawrence’s Spring, named T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) who spoke so invitingly during the Arab uprising. You can also climb the rock formation, where the spring emerges from the mountain, admiring one of the most beautiful views of the vast desert landscape.
Trek into the big sand dunes of Wadi Um Ishrin where you can climb to the top for an incredible panoramic view. Down the dunes thereafter is also very fun.
Have lunch and relax in the shade with traditional Bedouin tea. Then you can explore the region at your leisure while your lunch is appreciated.
Visit the ancient Anfashiyeh inscriptions.
Travel through the Um Rashid Canyon.
Lawrence’s House, where the legend claims he stayed during the revolt.
Return to the campsite to enjoy a delicious traditional Bedouin meal and sweet Bedouin tea around the campfire before retiring to your comfortable tent cabins.

The camel ride takes about 5 hours.

Go watch the stars after dinner! Let the clear sky mesmerize you with millions of glittering stars, including the Milky Way. You might even have the chance to catch a shooting star and make a wish. Camping is safe to walk around and walk around freely, although it’s easy to get lost in the dark so stay close to yourself.

Day 2:
After a rich breakfast buffet, your day begins with a jeep tour and a short hike in the canyons. You will discover the following highlights:

Ancient ruins of a Nabataean temple.
Qater Spring is a wonderful and well-known natural spring in Wadi.
Cow Rock, a rock shaped by the wonders of nature under its given name.
Lunch in the shadow of the cliffs at Barrauh Canyon.
After lunch, you can take a 1-2 km hike through the canyon itself, if you wish.
Continue to the Jebel Burdah Rock Bridge, the highest natural bridge in Wadi Rum and a great opportunity to take pictures!
Followed by the Um Fruth bridge (about 20 m high), a crowd favorite allowing a very pleasant and satisfying climb and another great opportunity to take pictures.
Jabel Khazali Canyon, a 15-minute tour of the canyon walls adorned with ancient rock inscriptions and paintings by the Nabataeans and Thamud.
Relax on top of a giant red sand dune and enjoy the legendary Wadi Rum sunset with Bedouin tea.
After sunset, head to the campsite for a tasty traditional Bedouin meal, as well as sweeter Bedouin tea around the campfire, before retiring to your comfortable tent.

Day 3:
Enjoy a delicious and hearty breakfast buffet while admiring the sunrise. From 8 am to 8:30 am, we will take you to the meeting point at the entrance to Wadi Rum village or the visitor center. We strive to be flexible to the extent possible and the transport schedule can be adapted to your needs. Please discuss with your guide.


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Day 1:
Arrived at the village of Wadi Rum at 9:30, our visits begin at 10:00. If you arrive later or wish to do so, we will be happy to answer your wishes. Please let us know.

Day 2:
Your return to the village leaves the campsite at 8:30 if you have not planned other activities.

Meeting point: Our guide will meet you at the entrance to the village of Wadi Rum, located about 6 km from the visitor center after entering the protected area. Those arriving by car must park in the parking lot of the nursing home at the entrance of the village. They are recovered from there , also located in the village. We will go through the itinerary in detail with you and answer all your questions or concerns.


The following is included : 

  • All meals – x2 lunches, x2 lunches and x2 dinners.
  • Mineral water, Bedouin tea and other liquid refreshments throughout the visit.
  • Combination of jeep and short hikes.
  • An English driver and guide.
  • A friendly camel per person.
  • Accommodation in a private tent-tent for 2 nights, prepared with beds, linens and blankets. Tent and bed configurations may be specially requested, although unsecured.







120 JD



100 JD



95 JD



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