Camel Treks

Tour Details :

we can arrange short Camel treks which can be added to the start/ end of a Jeep tour, or with an overnight stay. Or we can also arrange longer Camel treks such as 2 hours, 3 hours, or a full day.

Camel treks are not for everyone, be assured you will get sore! However, many people enjoy to experience the desert in a different way, without the sounds of a Jeep.

Choosing a Camel trek is a good way to get a authentic insight into the past, and Bedouin lifestyle.

Camels are unique and amazing creatures, spending some time on one is a great way to start to appreciate them. For animal lovers a ride even if a short one is a “must”.

Bedouin people love Camels and even though they are not necessary to survive here anymore, we love to keep them, and if people are able to financially we will keep them. We still use them for their milk, as well as racing them, and using them with tourists. You may see Camels walking around alone during your visit to Wadi Rum, these are not wild camels but Camels left to graze by their owners, they know where to come for water and their way around very well.

If you are taking a Jeep tour on your first day, a nice “extra” is to opt to take a Camel trek from the Camp back to Rum Village – this takes approx 3 hours (rates below).


This price includes :







10 JD


1 Hours

20 JD


2 Hours 

30 JD


3 Hours

50 JD


Full Days


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