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My name is Emad and the desert is my home. It’s a place where I was born, grew up and now represents every aspect of my life. So you can say that the desert is in my blood.

I have been working in tourism since my childhood. I started helping others to do it myself. I encourage you to join me and I will be happy to show you all the attractions of my desert, with a focus on sharing your way of life and breathing like a Bedouin.

Our everyday life is still completely different from what you are used to living, we live as nomads – related to nature and its laws – so join us and we will help you discover the desert as we can .

You can reach me anytime at info@viawadirumcamp.comĀ  , and together we will organize your unforgettable experience.

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  1. Marie and Emma says:

    Emad is a very nice guide and good driver who made a marvelous Jeep tour for us! The desert of Wadi Rum is breathtaking! Emad took us to all the most beautifull spots to end up the day with a wonderfull Sunset on top of a mountain.

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